June 10th – 12th 2022

John and Julia Scott Yoga Workshop in Barcelona 2022

Join us in Barcelona for a very special workshop with world-renowned yoga teachers
John Scott and Julia Scott.
Learn how to open your heart ❤️ and connect with your authentic self.

3 Full Days of bliss.


The workshop is over.
It has been a wonderful and enriching experience. Thank you, everyone!

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

Close encounters


Human touch


6 Master Classes

Fri. June 10 / 7a – 10p

Asana practise class
Fri. June 10 / 18:30p – 20:30p

Practical Theory class
Sat. June 11 /  9a-12p
Asana practise class

Sat. June 11 / 14p-16p

Sun.  June 12 / 9a-12p
Asana practise class

Sun.June 12 / 14p – 16p
Ashtanga Philosophy, Pranayama 
and Relaxation.

3 Days Program

Fri. June 10 / 7a – 10a

Asana Practice / TRISTANA

The COUNT that Moves the BREATH that Moves the BODY. 
John, Julia and Team will Introduce the Counted Method as a dynamic movement meditation MANTRA practice.

Fri. June 10 / 18:30p – 20:30p


Bring notebooks as this class will start with theory/philosophy exploring the link between bandha and Chakras and their relationship to pranayama.

Setting the Foundations for Pranayama Followed by an introduction to the link between Prana and Sound.


Sat. June 11 / 9a – 12p

Asana Practice / COUNTED METHOD

Traditional Sanskrit counted transcendental practice

Where the class comes together as one body, one breath, one voice one Consciousness.

Sat. June 11 / 14p – 16p

Theory & Philosophy

Bandha Development Continued and Asana Techniques. Aligning the

internal structure for pranayama. Developing your voice and introduction to chanting.

Sun. June 12 / 9a – 12p

Asana Practice / Half Counted – Half Self Practice

Starting class as One Consciousness then breaking off into


The counting continues…

Sun. June 12 / 14p – 16p

Ashtanga Philosophy

continued, followed by Breath of Life Pranayama

and Relaxation.

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John Scott yoga barcelona

About John

John has been a student of Yoga, of AVY since 1987, though during retrospective reverie, john realises that much of his early years at school where spent daydreaming – “eyes fixed out through the window as if travelling to another dimension of reality..”

When does one start yoga? John questions and believes that once you start to question where are you, where have you come from, what are you, what are you doing and where are you going? when these questions percolate and bubble to the surface, you become aware you are already on the Journey of enquiry, the enquiry into your true nature and purpose for being here on this physical plan. It is through the practice of AVY and deep enquiry into the self that John has brought all his earlier experiences and meditations into his life work of sharing.

John’s teaching is therefore very metaphorical, analytical, technical and often humorous, his teaching style appeals to students of many backgrounds and nationalities, teaching workshops throughout the world. John remains an avid student of yoga and relationship fascinated by the linking of different traditions and cultures through symbols, language and the Counted Method of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

John’s wishes to acknowledge his first teacher Derek with great love and gratitude, Derek Ireland who introduced John to K Pattabhi Jois, John’s root teacher, connecting him to the source.

Julia scott barcelona

About Julia

Actor, Dancer, and Yogini, at the age of 18 Julia began her yoga journey, first drawn to Iyengar Yoga and Buddhist Meditation. In 2014 however, when Julia was introduced to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, it was apparent to her that this one dynamic practice encompassed all the magic and wonder of a mystical journey of self-expression and discovery.

Julia met John in 2016 their two energies fueled a life together of adventure and discovery. Julia since has balanced two lives, travelling between countries from Yoga Retreat to Acting and between sets immersed in assisting and apprenticing John. In 2017 she completed her 200 hour JSY Teacher Training.

When Julia is teaching and adjusting yoga asana, she draws from her multiple disciplines. She incorporates and integrates relationship skills so that the student feels met, held and supported, allowing for their inner expression to be articulated.

John Scott Barcelona Ashtanga

Santiago has been practising Ashtanga since 2022 and has been running the Mysore program in his studio Sarria Yoga Shala Mysore since 2011. In 2017 he completed the 200-hour JSY Teacher Training and has since then assisted John in different international workshops.

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